A Christian Wife's Loving Words

Many of us have read about God’s Promises in His Word; and bit by bit we all experience His gracious blessings. One amazing promise is that of Divine Healing! I truly do not know one person who doesn’t suffer with one ailment or another, it may be small or big; still, suffering truly does exist. Let me tell you; YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER does see, and cares and is still in the HEALING BUSINESS!


When I was a little girl, my dear mother suffered with congestive heart disease. In the 1970’s this was barely diagnosed, let alone operated on. Open heart surgery was new, and the procedures quite limited. I saw my mama suffer so much. Three of her four valves had basically stopped working toward the last year of her life. Yet, during her stays in the hospital she prayed with many nurses and doctors. My dad led others to the Lord in the waiting room. Lives were changed, including mine. I had been married three years (and unknowingly pregnant) when sweet mom (my dearest friend) passed on from this life to the Heavenly one. She laid there with a smile on her lips and eyes. As I struggled in my grief; the Lord reminded me that death to a CHILD OF GOD; is a healing as well. Plus, mama wouldn’t trade ‘glory’ to come back to earth with us; she was perfectly made whole. Thus; I grew up with a sickly, yet very godly mother, I never knew when ‘her-time’ would come. I pitched in more than the average child and teenager to help around the house; finding it to be a privilege.


Years have passed, and I continued to live out my life with my wonderful family; as pastors in our community. In 2010, my husband went in the hospital to have a simple knee procedure done. Right after that he was in the hospital for weeks due to a serious blood clot. About 6 months later, he was rushed to the hospital with all the symptoms of a true blown out heart attack. Test came back and his heart was fine; yet the pain was intense. My dear husband was athletic, and loved to work hard. He had his own carpentry and roofing business for years to supplement our income as pastors. Now, he was struck with horrendous pain all over his body. Doctors thought he had lymphoma, and then a hematoma in the brain, hardening of the heart and the guessed diagnosis continued on and on. He had migraines that shots and medications could not touch. His legs barely worked, thus for almost 6 years I pushed him in a wheel chair. My strong husband’s strength was gone! Our lives came to a crashing halt, and let me tell you: it was beyond discouraging!


The Lord used others to help direct us to a Lyme Disease M.D.; who indeed diagnosed my husband with Chronic Lyme’s and other co-diseases. He was the worst case she had ever treated. As the years passed his health continued to decline. Most of his days were spent in bed. He tried so hard to be a help and blessing to all of us. His example truly did remind me of my own mother, and I used this time to POINT TO JESUS. Because of this being the disease it was; there was NO income that came in for six years. We had no idea where the funds would come from as the days passed; yet THE RAVENS CAME! We never missed a payment, there was gas in our car, and our children were well taken care of.


The last time we saw the Lyme M.D.; she was so discouraged. I just asked her; “Is Brad going to get better, or does it look like we are facing the end of his life?” She breathed deeply and said, “Yes, it appears this is so.” Instantly, I felt this LIONESS FAITH RISE UP: and decided to fast and pray for a Divine Healing work as well as guidance on how to eat, plus natural remedies (which our doctor had instructed before). Thus, as a couple and a family we prayed and fasted. We contacted Bible believing saints of God to truly intercede for my husband Brad as we all reached out in faith believing for the healing virtue of Jesus to touch him. The years were so very long, with my husband’s health as the most difficult ‘burden,’ there came also, daily life struggles too as it does with any family and in addition with our church. We knew we had (and still do) an enemy who only wanted to destroy. But, “…we HAVE A FATHER Who’s Hand is NOT short nor His ear heavy that it cannot hear.” [Is. 59:1]

The Lord started to stir (the healing waters) and we noticed that Brad’s migraines had stopped (they came for 4 days a month), then his heart pains stopped (which too came monthly). Later, he started to walk farther without a wheel chair. His joint pain was lessening all in about 6 months. God had led us to go off sugar completely, eating healthier (than ever). Then my husband started walking without the wheel chair. I was stunned as I watched his ‘gate’ was appearing steadier. Eventually the handicap sign was ripped off and Brad started parking farther away. His swollen body decreased to a slim strong form I once knew.


Today, less than a year since that bleak doctor’s visit: my husband has been working again as a carpenter and Pastoring our church. Instead of a wheel chair or stool, he stands and walks as he preaches. He plays with the kids again, jumping on the trampoline or playing basketball. GOD HEALED MY HUSBAND! Our doctor is thrilled, (she is a Bible believing Christian); our church is encouraged; for God’s Hand has moved.


Recently, the Lord has opened the door for us to walk into our hearts call for years: into the Mission Field! We have been accepted to be Missionaries to Mozambique, Africa as Pastor to the Pastors; by encouraging the village pastors and their wives, teaching in the seminary and the local school. We will be ministering throughout the entire country. The faith lessons all through my life and the past 6 years have been a period of intense growing by learning to totally lean on our Lord and trusting in His Word.


Are you in need of a miracle today? Dig into God’s Word; tell others to pray for you. Attend church and ask the pastor and the Body of believers to agree in faith for a healing touch. I truly do believe God wants His children to take Him at His word. Now, remember my mother didn’t see a Divine touch during her 20 year fight, through it though we see God’s Ways are HIGHER than ours. We must lean back and totally…TOTALLY trust in His promises. Jeremiah 29:11,12


“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. 12Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. 13And ye shall seek me, and find [me], when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”


BIO: Daneille is an ordained minister, wife to Pastor Brad Snowden (New Life Christian Center- Newton, IL), mother to 3 children and now a missionary candidate to Mozambique. Find her writings at: SnowDen With the Fam blogspot, Pastoring In Today's World, Mom's Praying for the Generations and more.