The City of Newton’s Street Department will begin vacuuming leaves along the city streets on November 1 and stop November 30. The leaves must be on the roadside of the ditch near the street or at the edge of the street. The city's leaf vacuum will not reach to the opposite side of the ditch...only the street side. Leaves should not be located on the street to interfere with traffic. Only leaves will be vacuumed, no twigs or limbs.


The map indicates where the leaves will be collected.


Monday and Tuesday: Area south of Jourdan St. and west of S. Van Buren to West End Ave.


Wednesday and Thursday: Area north of Jourdan Street plus Imperial Acres and the West End Industrial Park


Friday: Area south of Jourdan St. and east of Van Buren


Please call 618-783-8511and leave a message with your address and phone number if there are leaves to be vacuumed.