With April being Autism Acceptance Month and Child Abuse Month it is time to 'light it up blue" and focus on promoting acceptance about autism and bringing awareness to child abuse.

If you enter Newton from the west, you will see to your right a Pinwheels for PREVENTION display by the 'Welcome to Newton' sign that is presented by the GFWC, Illinois Woman's Club and Junior Woman's Club of Newton. They are drawing attention to Abuse Against Children with Pinwheels for Prevention. The pinwheel has come to serve as the physical embodiment and reminder of the great childhoods we want for all children.

Be sure and check out the Newton square...it is very wonderful! Be sure and walk around the square and read the sayings on the back of the blue puzzle pieces. And, be sure and check them out at night, too, as they are lit up blue and are breathtaking as you look around the square.

Thank you Tiffany and Mark Keller for making everyone aware of what a person with autism goes through.