On Saturday, May 13, Newton's teen center, The Landing, will welcome guest speaker Andrea Replogle of Muncie, IN. Andrea and her daughter will make the drive to share her story, which was recently published in her first book, Riding Motorcyles and Buying Bras - A Travel Guide to Leaving Lesbianism. Mom and daughter will speak at 7:30; doors open at 6:00, and food will be served at 7:00. Those in 7th through 12th grades are encouraged to attend. Because of subject matter, parents of younger should use caution about their attendance. However, the community as a whole (adults and particularly those involved in the lives of teenagers) should attend without reservation. There is never a fee to be a part of The Landing.


Andrea (Andee) Replogle was a college friend of Daring to Soar co-founder, Amy Kemp. Both women were involved in the same campus ministry on the campus of the University of Illinois in the early 1990s. It was not until recently that the two reconnected through social media. Replogle used a Go Fund Me page to raise funds for her recent book publication, and Kemp helped in that effort, also providing encouragement as a novice author herself.


About the book, Replogle has this to say, "This book is for those who wonder if there is another way or if homosexuality is really all there is for some of us. I believe there is another way but it requires Jesus. I offer no quick fixes but rather a travel guide to women wanting to leave lesbianism. I hope it makes you laugh, cry, and gives you hope."


On May 13, Replogle will share her testimony with the crowd. Her story is powerful and sensitive, including an alcoholic father and an abusive mother. She chooses, however, to give praise to God about all that she has lived through, using her life's journey as encouragement to other women. Young people who hear her story will be blessed. She and her daughter intend to offer a good portion of the evening to the assembled crowd - answering their questions about her life and her journey.


The Landing teen center is an arm of Daring to Soar Ministries. In the facility, community members offer private music instruction, gymnastics instruction, Christian counseling, GED courses, and softball training in the off season. A prayer room is also available there. Daring to Soar Ministries was founded in 2015 and is governed by a six-person board of volunteers. All funding for the ministry is acquired through private donations and grants.