Queen Kennedy, 2017 Miss Jasper County Fair Queen, began her first day of reign at the Jasper County 4H Swine Show. Donning her sash and crown, Queen Kennedy could be found presenting awards, answering questions, and spending time at the 4H Show Ring.

Kennedy is the 16 year old daughter of Chris and Stacey Parr. She is a middle child of three children with an older brother and younger sister. She is involved with chorus, 4H, various school clubs, and the musical. She loves to sing and fish and whenever she is not doing these things she is playing and singing with her puppy. She will be a Junior at NCHS and plans to attend OCC for nursing with a specialization as a nurse anesthetist. She was in little miss pageants when she was younger, so when she was asked to run for fair queen she says she did not hesitate.

Upon crowning, Kennedy spoke about what went through her head as she heard her name announced, she stated, "Omg, is this for real?? I was so overwhelmed I don't think I was thinking straight." As the fair comes into full swing on Tuesday night, Queen Kennedy was asked what she is looking forward to most during fair week. She stated, "I'm looking forward to all the corn dogs and curly fries! I'm also looking forward to all the fun events the fair has planned for this week!"

She cited some of her favorite moments as "getting to know this great groups of girls. I got to know each one of these girls and make lasting friendships with them all." Kennedy is well versed in fair life as one of her favorite memories is getting to camp out at the fair each year. "We've camped at the fair for the longest time. Rain or shine we were always out there."

Kennedy spoke about running for the fair queen pageant stating, "It's a great experience, it's more than just the pretty gowns and the crown. You get to learn how to compete with girls but make friendships at the same time. You learn how to be confident in whatever you do, whether it be saying a speech or even walking in heels. It's a way to get to know yourself."