Brad, Danielle, Felecia, and Tabitha Snowden will be traveling to Mozambique, Africa where they will serve as teachers in the Seminaries and starting new churches. In Mozambique the Snowdens will be in one of the poorest countries in Africa where there is lots of poverty, AIDS, and forty five percent of the population is under the age of 14. With malaria being the number one cause of death, followed by AIDS, only three percent of the population life past the age of 51. They will live in the capitol area called Maputo, however, they will travel all over.

While there Felecia will complete some college in Africa online and utilize her musical talent and Tabitha will be working with children while attending the mission school there.

There will be a language barrier when the Snowdens arrive as the tribal languages and Portuguese are not their native language. There is also the possibility of political situations as the area is divided by the Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO) and the Mozambican National Resistance (RENAMO). There are a lot of security issues and armed soldiers there as well as no traveling at night.

When asked how their life in Jasper County has prepared them for this adventure, they stated, “Wow!

When we were going through our difficult time; the community stepped in. Over and over again individuals, churches and whomever were there for us. From anonymous gifts left on our porch, to choirs singing to us on our front lawn. Gifts, encouragement all of those long hard years. We were involved with the Veteran's Day where Brad preached, our girls have sung. We loved being a part of our close community events (when we could with Brad's health).” They stated in regards to what they will miss, “We will miss the relationships we have made here. Very special friends and fellow co-laborers for God's Kingdom. We were a part of the The Landing (ministry for the youth in J.C. - Daring to Soar Min. Keith & Amy Kemp) that started in the church we pastored. We will miss watching her grow and the ministry reach so many. And we have the best celebration on Veteran's Day I have ever witnessed!”

They ended with, “We would appreciate a lot of prayer!

We are leaving our parents who are in their last 80's. Our Navy son, Nathan, too...this will be quite difficult. But, they all know and serve the Lord Jesus and recognize the reason we are going: "Go ye there and preach the gospel to all nations...." Mark 16:15

We leave when we are 100% Monthly Support; we are at 74% ++ and it is still rolling in -- we give God all the praise! If people would like to join with us and support we invite them to do so! It is a powerful way to connect and 'go' with us to Africa. We can talk to you face to face or you can go online to:, click 'give to a missionary' - type in Snowden and there just fill in your information.

We want to thank the community for welcoming us! It has been such a sweet place, and simply loving, hard working giving people! We will miss you!”