The 69th Bailey/Shamhart reunion will be held on Sunday, August 31, 2008 at noon at the Kluthe Center in Dieterich.  Everyone is asked to bring a covered dish and table service, drinks will be furnished.
If you have a favorite family recipe that you remember or old family pictures you would like to share please bring them with you.   We hope to see all of you there.

Luther-Leah Baker Reunion will be held August 31, 2008 in the Big Pavilion at Peterson Park.  Everyone is to bring a covered dish, their silverware, and can bring something to drink.

The Boldrey Reunion will be held Sunday, August 31, 2008 at the Peterson Park in Newton. Same place as last year.
Bring covered dishes, drinks, plates and glasses. 
Families and friends be sure to come.  
Gifts will be given for oldest, youngest and who came the farthest.

The 73rd Earnest Reunion
Descendants of the Earnest and friends will be held Sunday, August 31st at the Peterson Park, located in Newton.
A basket dinner will start at 12:30.  Each family should bring a covered dish.  The table wear and drinks will be provided.
See you the 31st of August.

The 36th McCoy Reunion was held July 20, 2008 at Roberts Community Bldg.
A potluck dinner was enjoyed by 72 relatives.
Business meeting was held after the meal, one marriage Brandi Butler and Josh Cummins on June 14, 2008 and one death Sarah Eaton January 30, 2008 was reported.  We also had 6 births reported.  Abbylee Victoria Burnett March 24, 2008 daughter of Nickolas Burnett granddaughter of Pam Burnett great-granddaughter of Kay Winterrowd and great-great granddaughter of Violet McCoy.  Heather and Amy Lane daughters of Fred and Lori Lane granddaughters of Kay Winterrowd and great-granddaughter of Violet McCoy were born May 10, 2008.  Hunter Ray son of Laura Milligan, grandson of Frances Milligan great-grandson of Tom and Ellen Rafferty and great-great grandson of Lela McCoy was born July 6, 2008.  Brightin Anthony son of A.J. and Kayla Wooldridge grandson of Ken and Joyce Wooldridge great grandson of Richard and Ruby Weston great-great grandson of Lela McCoy was born January 16, 2008.
Brandon and Alicia McCoy also had a son in February 2008 but name not available.  He is a grandson of Kendall McCoy and great grandson of Lela McCoy.
Winners of door prizes were Amy Lane, Hunter Milligan, Christina Hancock, Ethan McCoy, Austin Otto, Tim Davis, Floyd McCoy and Phyliss Watkins.
Ten trivia questions were won by: 
Oldest Man - Dick Feldehake, 78
Oldest Lady - Violet McCoy, 92
Most recent Married - Fred & Lori Lane, Jan. 19
Couple Married longest - Dick and Donna Feldhake
Car with most miles - Larry Hemp
Oldest person with own teeth - Lela McCoy, 90
Person with most descendents present - Lela McCoy, 45
Person with lowest miles on car - Kay Winterrowd
Man with longest hair - Kevin McCoy
Woman with shortest hair - Phyliss Waktins
The next reunion will be held July 19, 2009 at the Kluthe Civic Center, Dieterich, Illinois.
Officers for the 2009 reunion are President Phyliss Watkins, Vice President Dave Watkins, Treasurer Brent Haarman and Secretary Wanda Haarman.

Pete and Ida Ochs Reunion
The 2008 Pete & Ida Ochs Reunion was held at the Wendelin Holy Cross Parish Hall on July 27th. 
Those in attendance were:  Eunice Schackmann, Henrietta Deimel, Mr. and Mrs. Lorraine Ochs, Richard and Margie Weidner, Mary McDonald, Gerald and Diane Schackmann, Herb and Martha Deimel, Alfrieda Kuenstler, Harold Ochs, Leroy and Christy Schackmann, Dave and Deb Schackmann, Chad, Annette and Natalie Kistner, Theresa, Kevin and Jennifer Robards, Keith, Sandra and Jenny Schackmann, Jeremy, Karen and Joslynn Pitcher, Donna Ochs, Michael, Angie, Emma, Grace and Anna Weidner, Paul and Kay Ochs, Allen and Eileen Ochs, Helen Grunloh, Matt Grunloh, John, Becky, Rachel and Blake Kocher, Kalissa Maginn, Don and Marlene Ochs, Tony, Sue, Luke, Laura, Gina, Neil, Jodi, Paul and Will Thoele, Julia Wendling, Dennis
Weber, Andy, Janice, Alison and Andy J. Dougherty, Maurice, Clayton and Lyle Ochs, Don and Carol Hahn, Justin Brothers and Cathy McDonald, Martha Strutner and Cathy Bahl.
I hope to see you all again next year, as always the last Sunday in July (7-26-2009)

41st Solomon and Rose Whalin Reunion
The descendents of Solomon and Rose Whalin held their 41st annual reunion and picnic at the Peterson Park in Newton on July 27, 2008.  The families enjoyed visiting, eating and sharing experiences of the past year.  It was a nice sunny day.  Gifts were awarded by drawing numbers.
The attendees from Newton were Juanita Whalin; Sam and Karen White; Greg, Beth, Alex, Katie and Natalie White; Grant, Dawn, Maddison and Morgan White; Rose Winter; and Alan Winter.  Others from IL were Jeff, Kristen and Issac Rake from Hidalgo
Indiana attendees were Eva Vanatta, Milroy; and Joy Vanatta Young, Greenfield.
Wisconsin attendees were Charley and Olive White, Stevens Point.
The 42nd Solomon and Rose Whalin Reunion will be July 26th, 2009, fourth Sunday of July.

The Staley Reunion was held Sunday, August 10th at the Sunrise Community Center.  There was a total of 90 registered in attendance.  Everyone enjoyed the delicious catered meal furnished by George Staley, and the homemade desserts were abundant and enjoyed by all.  It was a great day as family and friends shared time together.  Thank you George, for the wonderful meal!  George Staley, Iva Heady and Fred Staley are the three remaining children of George and Belle Staley.
Prizes were awarded to:
The youngest member present was Griffin Cessna, at the ripe old age of 9 months!  His parents are Shane and Kelli Cessna. (Griffin is the grandson of Dave and Melissa Staley, the great grandson of (Paul) and Delores Staley and the great great grandson of Hal Staley).
The oldest male present was George Staley, 93 years young!  The oldest female present was Iva Heady, looking great at 88!  The ones who came the farthest were Brian, Jamie and Cole Shamhart from Chicago, IL. (Brian is the grandson of Hal Staley and the son of Lloyd and Laura (Staley) Shamhart).  The couple married the longest was Hugh and Judy Conerty being wed for 52 years.  The most recently wed was Tim and Violet Marshall for the second year in a row...they were wed on April 15, 2007. (Tim is the grandson of Fred Staley and the son of Herb and Carole (Staley) Marshall).
Since our reunion last year, according to the information recorded in the record book, there has been 1 child born:  Griffin Cessna, descendant of Hal Staley.
There was one death recorded this past year:
Joy(Staley) Bower, wife of Eugene Bower and daughter of Bernard and Mary Staley, passed away May 7, 2008.  She is greatly missed by her family and loved ones.  Joy was always faithful in attending the family reunion...we all missed her this year.
Thanks to Dave and Donna Swick, this years reunion had an extra punch of excitement!  There were prizes awarded through a drawing of names from 4 dropped your name in for the prize you desired to win.  The winners were:  HyperDash Game...Doug Staley; The Touch Game..Judy Conerty; The Resurrection Story Eggs...Zach Durbin; There were 3   8x10 pictures of Belle Staley when she was a little girl.  The winners of those pictures were:  Iva Heady, Jack Steinman and Laura Shamhart.  Congratulations to one and all!  Thank you Dave and Donna!
Next years reunion will be held on August  9, 2009 at the Sunrise Community Center.  We look forward to seeing each and everyone of you.  Until then, God bless and keep you!