Malo was a rich Latin-influenced blend of instruments and harmonies first celebrated with the release of their 1972 single issue, "Sauvecito". After four brilliant albums with Warner Brothers and constant member change, Malo left behind an impressive string of legacy songs of which their most popular, "Sauvecito" was but just one!

It's always nice and pleasant to hear something from the distant past that resonated with us. A certain something that appeals to our heightened sense of nostalgia, and provides a reward system in the brain with positive feelings. One of the bands that I've enjoyed from the early '70s was a jam band with naturally strong Latin influence by the name of Malo. Malo enjoyed a rich fabric of instrumentalists, one being a brother of Carlos Santana, who is Jorge Santana. With twelve members, all meshing to deliver a rich selection of songs, Malo easily satisfied a musically adventurous set of ears. You may remember hearing a radio-edited version of their biggest hit,”Sauvecito” (or not), but that song set the ball rolling for Malo, who released four albums during their peak years, from 1972 to 1974.

During the course of their first four albums, all with Warner Brothers Records, the band released a series of singles. Of them all, only “Sauvecito” tracked high on the singles charts, peaking a respectable eight in the important Top 20 radio placement. But that never meant the other songs were not good enough. They were. If you were a fan of Malo in the day,then you already know this.

On May 25, Omnivore Records will lovingly collect fourteen A and B sides of Malo singles, remastering all tracks, and presenting them in a new set being called Latin Bugaloo – The Warner Bros. Singles. All the songs come from the four Warner Bros Records' Malo sets. As a bonus of historical interest, a booklet with new liner notes, including some from Jorge Santana, will be packed in.

For this anticipated collection, the single-edit of “Sauvecito” will begin the party and be followed by a rich accumulation of brilliant Latin-flavored tunes to keep you entertained into the better part of an hour.   If you have forgotten “Sauvecito”, or perhaps never heard it, then follow this link (here).

Latin Bugaloo " The Warner Bros. Singles " Malo

01. Suavecito
02. Nena
03. Cafe
04. Peace
05. Just Say Goodbye
06. Pana
07. I'm For Real
08. Oye Mamá
09. Latin Bugaloo
10. Midnight Thoughts
11. I Don't Know
12. Merengue
13. Love Will Survive
14. Think About Love