On Tuesday, July 19, Teutopolis Post 924 defeated Sparta at the Fifth Division Tournament with a score of 10-7. The team was later disqualified when it came to light they were not entirely forthcoming in their roster. Teutopolis was then eliminated from the tournament.


The player listed on the roster as Jason Kenter was identified by a staff member from the Effingham paper as a young man who had played on the Newton team. Unbeknownst to his fellow Newton players and coaches, this young man suited up in Kenter's uniform and took the field for the Teutopolis team.


The staff member from the paper identifying the player has followed the young man for several years through both Legion ball and during the time he was in school sports thus enabling him to identify the young man as being someone other than Kenter.


Since 1925, the American Legion Baseball has according to the website been “promoting healthy competition, sportsmanship, and good citizens.” The actions of the player and Teutopolis team do not reflect this statement. District 23 Chairman Bob Oster reinforced this when questioned about the incident with comments such as, “This is a very serious offense” and “These are things we do not tolerate or allow.” While decisions have not been made in regards to the consequences for the actions of the team and the Newton player, and may not be for some time due to the continuation of the tournament occupying the time of those who would make the decisions, Bob Oster did state, “There will be no action against the Newton team.”