The Spring Legislative Session will begin soon and while the politicians will tell you they solved all our problems by passing the largest tax hike in state history last year, we can expect that they will be coming back for more. That is because some battles in Springfield never truly come to end.

Even though the State has no money to spend on new programs and new initiatives, inevitably, lawmakers will soon be introducing dozens of bills to create new ways to spend money the State simply does not have.

The idea of fiscal responsibility for some is a foreign concept. Even after borrowing money to pay unpaid bills, Illinois still has about $7 billion in unpaid bills, but despite this – you can count on many lawmakers to introduce legislation to create new programs. It is the equivalent of signing up for HBO, Hulu, and Netflix when you can’t even afford to pay your mortgage and your water and electric bills.

There will also likely be several tax increase measures introduced. The old saying is nothing is certain except death and taxes. That is especially true in Springfield as lawmakers never get tired of reaching into our wallets as they did earlier this year when they raised the income tax by 32 percent.

It is of course easier for legislators to vote on tax increases in non-election years in the hopes that voters will forget their taxes were raised when it comes time to go to the polls and vote.

We should not forget what happened last July. As a principled conservative, I can assure you I won’t back down to the Chicago Democrats, and I won’t join with Mike Madigan to hike your taxes. I’m running for office because we need a forceful advocate for our economic future, which has been endangered by surrender Republicans. And we need fearless leaders for our cultural values, which have been ridiculed by Chicago Democrats for the last 40 years.

The battle to preserve our freedom and values is ongoing. Lawmakers who want to create new programs, raise our taxes and attack our 2ndAmendment rights will never stop pushing their agenda. They are always on the offensive. They are always working to co-opt our Republican Representatives.

What we need in Springfield is real leaders who will do more than just press a few buttons and occupy a seat in the chamber. It is time for us to push back. Let’s put the tax and spend lawmakers on defense for a change. Let’s push to LOWER taxes, CUT wasteful programs and PROMOTE 2ndAmendment rights.

For the last three years, Illinois has lost more residents than any other state. The combination of high taxes and political corruption is driving people from our state. It is time to fight back.

Defense may win championships on the football field, but you must be able to score some touchdowns too if you want to win. If we are going to turn Illinois around, we need to do more than just play defense. We need some wins.