If you have been to any of the three locations in Jasper County where recycling bins sat, you have probably noticed they are gone.

After many months of trying to find a solution to the abuse of the recycling bins, the Jasper County Board voted at their recent meeting to remove the recycling bins.

County employees were responsible for the sorting of the bins and many items not qualified to be placed in them have been found. The bins were divided up into categories of glass, cans, plastics all to make it easier for patrons of the bins. Any other items needed to be discarded elsewhere.

Darrell Hickox, County Board member stated, “We've been trying to tell people for a while now, but the abuse has actually got worse.”

Many environmentally conscious members of our communities have enjoyed the opportunity of being able to unload their collection of cans, glass jars, plastics will now have to place these items in the trash causing more items to be dumped at the landfill.

Ben Bland, County Engineer, stated in an interview, that the recycling bins have been pulled until a solution can be found. Sorting of the items are the biggest issue due to the fact that when the county does haul of these items their whole load can be turned away due to any non-qualified items. The County has offered this service to the county free of charge as it actually costs the county to haul off the items.

Bland stated in the original Solid Waste agreement recycling and recycling bins was never mentioned.

Bland suggests if anyone that is upset over the recycling bins being pulled they help the county with a solution. As with any situation, it only takes a few to 'mess' up a good thing!