About 10 miles removed from the downtown bustle created by the “Refreshingly Road Trippin’ with Lipton” event, 34 boys were enjoying fun of a different sort. On Friday, the Cub Scouts of Pack 76 were out at the Humiston Woods Scout Camp, wrapping up the the last day of a weeklong camping experience.

    Camp Director Dave Gallup, Program Director Adam Raymond and John Bogucki, chief of first-aid and the trading post, each spoke about what it meant to be involved with the 35th year of camping event’s current iteration.

    One of the most positive takeaways according to all three was the tremendous haul the Scouts secured when they went fishing — a record 43 fish within an hour on the first day of camp. This was a vast improvement to recent years past, Gallup noted, when very few fish had been caught. Raymond commented on how excited the kids were to have caught so many, which he felt really fit in with this year’s theme, “Passport to Adventure.”

    Throughout the week, the scouts, aged 7 to 10 years old, took on many adventurous activities besides fishing, Gallup said, such as archery, soccer, baseball, craft-making, cooking and firing BB guns.

    “We wanted to take them on an adventure, show them how to have a fun time out in nature,” Bogucki noted.

    It was not been easy to organize, nor was it simple to maintain, the three said; Bogucki having to stay on-site the entire week in a camper, and Gallup staying up there until the wee hours of the morning. But they all agreed that it was rewarding to get kids outside and show them, separate from predominate vehicles of recreation like computers and television, a way to have fun outdoors.

    “Knowing that they’re finding things out and learning things, and that sometimes they’re not even aware that they’re learning until it’s over, and then they have a kind of lightbulb moment,” said Gallup, who is in his 26th year as camp director. “They had all that fun, and then they realized that they’d accomplished something or you can tell them that they accomplished something, is just so rewarding an experience for me.”

    “It’s worth it just to see a smile on a child’s face for me,” agreed Bogucki. “The reason I’m here, and have been for 24 years myself, is that I love helping kids, and helping as many people as I can. Just to know that you were part of something that made a kid smile makes the whole day worth it.”

    “I’ve had three kids in this, each eight years apart — so one’s 25, one’s 17 and the last one just turned 10 today,” Raymond noted. “I’ve been here since they’ve been here, so about 18 years. I’ve been here, stayed here, for my kids and also to help out. It’s a demanding week, we’ve got a lot to prepare and we start planning in January. There’s only 10 staff here, so it’s hard work. But it’s fun work, too.”