COLCHESTER — When the City Council meets Monday night, the agenda will include a proposal to increase residential garbage collection fees by $6 a year.
Mayor Danny Bice said the new 50 cents-a-month increase would take effect on residents’ July bill and would be part of a new five-year contract with the garbage collector.
The council will also vote to shift $10,000 from the city’s sidewalk and parking fund to its engineering fund to account for expenses from the recently completed sidewalk renovation along Market Street. Bice said the city’s engineering costs for the project ran over, which was anticipated.
“We’re just changing line items,” Bice said. “We didn’t put enough in for engineering, so we’ve got the money in the budget, we’re just flip-flopping from one line to the next line.”
Currently, the city’s engineering account totals $12,000 and the sidewalk and parking account totals $47,000.
finance district, or TIF, fund to also help pay for the sidewalk project.
Bice also proposed purchasing security cameras for City Hall and the city’s shelter building. Bice said there have been break ins in the shelter building and some who have rented City Hall on weekends have illegally brought in and consumed alcohol on the premeses.
“Sometimes City Hall is rented on weekends and there’s not supposed to be any alcohol in the building and there’s alcohol in the building,” Bice said. “So at least this way we will have the recording to prove it.”
The proposal will limit the purchase to no more than $3,500.
The next City Council meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday at City Hall.

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