Rescue workers are still on the scene following an incident where a pickup truck was driven into a house at 407 W. Fifth Street in Kewanee.

No details of the crash have been released, and workers were trying to extricate the driver of the vehicle, who crashed into the house traveling from North Lexington Avenue at about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday.

At about noon, rescue workers draped a tarp over the truck.

Witnesses at the scene said they saw the truck driving southbound on Lexington at a high rate of speed and jump the curve before going through a stop sign, across the sidewalk on Fifth Street and into the concrete front porch of the residence.

A man working inside the residence, which is owned by someone from out of town, said he heard the vehicle crash into the house.

“Everything went flying,” said the man, who declined to give his name.

A woman sitting on the porch of her house near the corner of Fifth and Lexington, Maye Talbot, said she saw the truck speed past her house and hit the curb. When she heard the crash, she went to see what had happened.

“I don’t remember if I yelled ’Stop’ or “Oh, my God,' but it was obvious something wasn’t right,” she said of the driver. “He was just going so fast. The only thing I was thinking was that I hope no one was sitting on that porch.”

Paul Estes was sitting at the stop sign on Lexington and had signaled to turn right when the truck, which was traveling partially on the curb, sped by between his vehicle and the stop sign — and then into the house.

“I heard a big roar of the engine and then he went by,” Estes said, noting that the truck narrowly missed hitting his passenger side mirror. “It was like he had his foot to floor he was going so fast. If I would have turned right one second sooner, he would have hit me.”

Estes said that when the vehicle hit the porch, it nearly crumpled in half.

This story will be updated when more details become available.