Who is the master of your domain?
Many people have allowed their domains (minds) to be hijacked by the outside world.
Many are totally unaware that the thoughts they think, the opinions they preach, and the lifestyles they embody are totally unoriginal.
Many people are unaware that their entire lives have been influenced by the outside world instead of the truth in their own hearts.
Our minds become hijacked when by the choices we make.
Each day, we make the repeated choice to give our minds away to limited perspectives, harsh judgments, and the one-sided ideas of others.
We do this each time we turn on the news and choose to embody a judgmental view of the world.
When we judge, we emanate the emotions of fear and anger and we project that into the world.
It’s amazing the number of times we can watch news reports about school shootings, and still embody an attitude of rage against the shooter.
Yet, in our own hometowns, troubled youth cry out for safe spaces to study and play (places like a youth center) and adults turn their heads and pretend it is not a problem that some youth have no safe place to retreat after school.
They turn their heads because some youth are not great athletes or great students, and therefore they cannot use those youth to advance their programs or societal statuses.
These same adults watch the evening news and grow sad and angry about the atrocities in the world.
But there are atrocities in our home communities that are waiting to be addressed.
There’s still time to address these atrocities and to prevent them from happening.
But we cannot do so when our minds have been hijacked.
We cannot do that when we allow others to be the masters of our domains.
How do we allow other people to become the masters of our domains?
We do this when we want and need to prove ourselves to others.
We do this when we want to boost our self-images and egos.
In this state, we use the outside world and everyone in it to boost ourselves up.
In this state, we can never make an unpopular decision because we are too desperate for the attention and approval of others.
In this state, we cannot go against the status quo and mainstream.
In this state, we lose originality.
We lose courage.
We cannot see nor consider what is best for all.
Because our own interests are blocking the view.
Every single human does this.
But what can we do about it?
Hopefully something. Because the world, our communities, the students in our schools, and the children in our families desperately need us to see beyond our own interests.
They need us to make unpopular decisions.
They need us to do the seemingly impossible.
They need us to demonstrate compassion and courage.
They need us to create safe space for them, so that they can grow into safe adults, so our communities can remain safe.
It’s time to become the master of your domain, and to stand up and act for what is best for all.
We cannot do that until we see how we allow others to be the masters of our domain.
Over the next week, monitor your thoughts.
Set the intention to become aware of when you are acting or speaking to gain the recognition or approval of others.
Start taking note of this every time it happens.
Also, make a list of all the decisions you’ve made to gain the approval and praise of others.
After writing down each decision, get honest with yourself.
What decision could you have made if you were considering what was best for all instead of trying to gain the approval of others?
What decisions would you have made if you loved yourself sufficiently so that you were not needy for the veneration of others?
Next week, we will dive more deeply into this topic.