White County Clerk Paula Dozier, was on facebook trying to help clarify the Deaconess Proposal to buy the Ambulance. White County did not reject the proposal, Deaconess withdrew, Deaconess Illinois was going to come and take over White County Ambulance Service there proposal was taking over the ambulances, all the new equipment to include the new heart moniters, and electronic cots, etc. and all the fees the service would earn and a $260,000.00 a year subsidy for two ambulances.

Once the Board started discussing a sales tax referendum to either support the existing ambulance service or fund the $260,000.00 subsidy, Deacon- ess withdrew the proposal stated Dozier. She stated currently our ambulances are meeting themselves coming and going. The Director is interceding with his per- sonnel vehicle and what equipment he can carry to simply to try and provide some kind of assistance until they can get a ambulance back in town from a previous run. The 1/2 percent sales tax that will be on the November ballot for White County voters, would help fund the ambulance service through a public safety tax.