Well it's been months since the recycle bins have been removed from Newton. Each week as our trash can fills rapidly because things that could be recycled into useful items are headed to a land fill somewhere. Some states pay for certain recyclables; others provide a means to easily collect all recycle items.

Are we going to take a step backwards and no longer provide a place for responsible citizens to try to do their part to maintain a clean planet for our future generations? I have been told that the major problem has been with the glass. It seems that some can't understand the need to deposit only clear glass. I can certainly live with the elimination of glass recycling. If need be maybe the bins could be placed where the dumpsters are in the transportation lot. We pay for trash service, so filling our trash can is not a problem for us. What it means is more trash in the landfill and more raw materials like oil will be needed to make things that will end up in the land fill. In the end it is God who will put an end to those running the earth.


Walter Marcelli

Newton, IL

[Editor's Note: The main issue was the placement of the wrong items, other trash, in the recycling bins. The bins were well-marked for glass, metal, plastic etc.  The County Highway Department offered the recycling bins (3 locations) at no cost to the citizens of Jasper County, but, then had to sort these bins out due to careless placement of items into the wrong bins before hauling the recycling items off to the recycling company. If a load to the recycler had items in it that should not be there, the whole load would be rejected. The County of Jasper can not afford to haul loads of recycling items only to have them rejected.]