MACOMB — The cause of a fire that began on the outside wall of a home at 1028 Lakewood Drive early Thursday afternoon is still to be determined.
Firefighters, an ambulance and other support personnel were present at the scene and began dousing the flames shortly before 1:26 p.m. Thursday.
According to Macomb Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief Rick Driskell, no one was injured in the fire, which caused fire and smoke damage to the attic and prompted related water and smoke damage to the interior of the structure as fire personnel fought the blaze.
By 1:30 p.m., no flames were visible, but light brown smoke and steam could be seen as they seeped from underneath the roof on the east wall and the midpoint of the roofline.
Smoke and steam could also be seen pouring from an opening in the west wall near the roof shortly after firefighters removed a vent.
Bridgeway employees Joy Manuel and Kaity Ellis said they witnessed the fire before it was extinguished.
“This entire side was engulfed in flames,” Ellis said, pointing to the smoldering east side of the building as firefighters hosed it down.
An air conditioning unit and other equipment stood within a few feet of the east wall and appeared damaged by the blaze. However, it was not clear whether their presence or condition had anything to do with the fire’s origins.
Causes of the fire are still under investigation.

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