The Newton Eagles fell in their first game of the season to the Paris Tigers with a final score of 26-14. After several building years, the Paris team has come into the season strong and were tough opponents for the Eagles who graduated much of their offensive line last year.

The scoring for the game began with Gates from Paris passing to Mullinex for a 16-yard touchdown reception. In the second quarter, the Eagles retaliated with a three-yard rushing touchdown by Connor Bierman and an extra point by Guiseppe Cucinella. The Eagles held the lead into the fourth quarter when Gates again passed to Mullinex for an 80-yard touchdown reception. Paris again scored when Colton Goode passed to Paris’ Entrican for a 61-yard Interception touchdown. King made the extra point for Paris. Paris continued their run with a pass from Gates to Mays for a 78-yard touchdown, followed by another extra point from King. With 15 seconds left in the game, Dawson Phillips scored on a nine-yard rushing touchdown and Cucinella kicked another extra point. 

Game Statistics

Paris 6 0 0 20 26

Newton 0 7 0 7 14

Total Yards Rushing Passing

Paris 330 104 226

Newton 225 128 117

1Q Paris 5:53 Gates Pass to Mullinex 16 Yard Touchdown Reception

2Q Newton 7:59 Connor Bierman 3 Yard Rushing Touchdown

2Q Newton 7:59 Guiseppe Cucinella Extra Point Made

4Q Paris 10:56 Gates Pass to Mullinex 80 Yard Touchdown Reception

4Q Paris 10:37 Colton Goode Pass to Entrican 61 Yard Interception TD Return

4Q Paris 10:37 King Extra Point Made

4Q Paris 3:10 Gates Pass to Mays 78 Yard Touchdown Reception

4Q Paris 3:10 King Extra Point Made

4Q Newton 0:15 Dawson Phillips 9 Yard Rushing Touchdown

4Q Newton 0:15 Guiseppe Cucinella Extra Point Made


5 Colton Goode 1 for -4 yards