"The Jasper County Clerk's Office has been having serious problems in performing the responsibilities of the clerks office.

“I only have room for 3 examples here but I have more.

The clerk's office missed applying a tax levy from the community college and the result was that every property owner in Jasper County had to be notified by registered mail and as government never pays for its own mistakes in 2014 every property owner in Jasper was charged separately with a special line item on property tax bills called “J529 Bond Deficiency“ to resolve the problem. In 2017 another missed levy, this time it was just the property owners in Crooked Creek Township that the registered letters had to be mailed to. This time they found a way to not add the additional tax payment as a line item but the tax rate for Crooked Creek Road District nearly doubled from the previous year. Then in 2018 the clerks office missed filing a required report to the State of Illinois and the state levied a large fine on Jasper County taxpayers.

These are not just some insignificant tasks that were not done but were failings of the core responsibilities of the clerks office and the results cost the tax payers of Jasper County a considerable sum of money."