The newly replaced roof on Wethersfield’s Moss Gym is getting a new round of attention after leaks were discovered following recent rains.
Superintendent Shane Kazubowski said it was determined that portions of the roof had not been sealed properly.
“We had some leaks that popped up,” he told the school board last week.
The problems were inspected and have been corrected at no cost to the district.
The roof, which was replaced through insurance with a $1,000 deductible, was originally damaged by a spring storm last year.
Workers are expected to also add heating elements to the roof’s guttering system to prevent winter freezes.
There still is some concrete work near the gym that needs to be finished after it was damage by a crane used to replace the roof this summer. That work is being completed at no cost to the district, though the superintendent said it may use a contractor to refinish some of the remaining concrete areas.
Kazubowski said new sound panels for the gym’s interior are expected to arrive this week and will take a day or two to install.