The Section 23 Horse Judging Career Development Event(CDE) was held on September 10th, at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Fairfield. A total of 12 teams and 92 individuals competed in the event. The Olney FFA Chapter was represented by a team of Chelsea Ochs, Abby Meadows, Tristyn Troyer, Dane Steber, Alyssa Bryant, and Kayley Young, Audrey Young, and Lawrence Shilling.
        The Horse Judging CDE consisted of halter classes of geldings, mares, and Two-year olds. There was also one performance class which was evaluated. The CDE challenges evaluators to judge horses based on their conformation with wide variations of criteria. In each class members are asked to place four horses according to the criteria of that class. Students may judge horses based on physical characteristics, along with frame and muscling of the equine. In performance classes, students are asked to judge the horses based on their leads and gaits, along with their performance in applicable obstacle courses.
    When asked about the classes, Tristyn Troyer said, “My favorite class was the 2-year old halter class, because you are making real life decisions based on present appearance.” The team from Olney placed tenth overall.