On Monday, September 24, Maxine Calvert and the volunteers of the Flower Project met with Mayor Mark Bolander, Chairman Diane Scott of Embarrass Tourism and Chairman Ryan Millsap of the Chamber of Commerce.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the long term prospects of continuing the Flowers on the Square. Calvert explained the challenges and the need for additional help if the project is to continue.

First of all, she needs someone to step up to help her as coordinator with securing the plants in the spring and planting; training and scheduling the watering crew; coordinating with the police department for the use of the police golf cart, maintaining the equipment and dead heading and cleaning the plants as they mature in the summer. We also need additional people to volunteer with the daily watering. At present, we are operating with the bare minimum of people to get it done. All of this takes time and dedication.

Upcoming this fall, we need people to volunteer and equipment to dig out the old bulbs and haul off the old plant. The canna bulbs (the large orange center plants) are being offered to anyone that wants them. They can be divided and stored over the winter to be planted next spring.

If you or your organization would like to help in any way, please call Maxine at 618-553-3829 or the Mayor at City Hall and leave a message, 618-783-8451.

Much time and effort has been made to put a colorful face on the City of Newton. Let's try to keep it going!