On Sunday, September 16, 2018, HSHS St. Anthony's Hospital reported a burglary had occurred at their facility, located at 503 N. Maple Street in Effingham. Effingham Police Department Bureau of Patrol Officers responded to the initial call, where it was reported that a crash cart filled with medications, located on a closed floor, had been broken into between 9:37 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. After an inventory of the cart, it was discovered that approximately $5000.00 in medication had been stolen.

Bureau of Criminal Investigations Detectives furthered the investigation, and through video surveillance footage, discovered that three individuals entered a secured areea through a door which malfunctioned, where they took items from a crash cart. One of the individuals in the video, Donovan T. J. Godert, 18, Effingham, was identified and subsequently located and taken into custody and charged with a single count of Burglary, a Class 2 Felony, on September 24th. Godert has been released on $7500 Personal Recognizance Bond with special conditions. A second male, Colton J. Evans, 18, Beecher City, was taken into custody on one count of Burglary, a Class 2 Felony, on September 25th. Evans remains in custody. A third suspect, a 17 year old juvenile female from Effingham, was interviewed and subsequently released, pending charges.

During the investigation, Detectives acquired cellular phones which were used by the three suspects during the alleged incident. The cellphones were forensically analyzed through computer software which was recently purchased with asset forfeiture funds. This newly attained software was instrumental in linking suspects to the crime scene, which hastened the investigative process. The same software was used in another recent case which led to a felony arrest.