On September 25, the Newton Rotary Club heard from Sarah Weiler, right, who was accompanied by student Riley Wibbenmeyer, left. Weiler owns and operates Integrated Therapy Services in Newton, but today she was speaking about a new project, called LIFE Cafe, which stands for Limitless Institute for Functional Education, a not-for-profit organization. She has developed a special program for students from pre-K to young adults, based in the west side of the old Arndt's building on the south side of the Newton Square. It will house an area used for treatment and meetings, and a cafe area in the front which will serve drinks and a limited food menu, including Joe Sipper's coffee and bakery goods from Twyla Harvey. The program lasts eight weeks and includes four weeks of camp-like experiences and activities, which also included siblings. There are also plans to have vendors with a variety of art items and musical events. They served 36 kids from five counties in the first series, and hope to expand to year-round availability. There will be space available in their building for pubic rental, as well, for meetings, parties or speakers. Grand opening is scheduled for Saturday, October 6 with refreshments and music. Chairperson for the day was Rotarian Matt Creadore (not pictured).