Nestled in the Fairway View subdivision is the 1½-story custom-built home of Brad and Sara Solberg. With its open floor plan and numerous seats and spaces for gathering, the Solbergs have made their 3,611 square foot home an inviting place to host social events.
    The Solbergs’ house, located at 1612 W. Bob-O-Link Dr., is one of four dwellings that comprise the Pontiac Woman’s Club annual House Walk.
    Both Sara and her husband Brad enjoy spending time outdoors in the summer, so it makes sense that one of their favorite places to hang out is the back patio. On a typical evening, the couple will invite some friends over and sit at their custom-made wood table with a fire pit in the middle and watch baseball.
    “It is a nice space where we can come out and relax,” Sara Solberg said.
    One of the first rooms off of the entrance of the house is the dining room, which the previous owner had used as an office. Although the couple only uses the dining room for special occasions, Solberg said it is still important to have when people come over to visit.
    “Last week our youngest son, Jon, was home along with my mom and my sister and brother-in-law,” Solberg said. “We were really glad for that dining room space when we had so many mouths to feed.”
    The Solbergs’ home does not have a basement, but each room in the house has ample built-in storage space. This feature is one of the things that Solberg said she has come to appreciate over the years.
    “There are actually plenty of times when we’ve been thankful we didn’t have a basement,” Solberg said. “After we moved here in 2015, we were gone that next Christmas, but this area experienced a big ice storm and the power went out and the sump pumps didn’t work. So, we came home to find neighbors dealing with really bad flooding in their basements.”
    A room that the previous owner had used for quilting was turned into an office space. One thing Solberg said she really appreciated about the room, is that it’s not tucked away from the rest of the house.
    “Even if you’re in here, you can still hear what’s going on in the living room,” she said. “It’s also a nice space for me to store a few craft projects and things.”
    One of Solberg’s favorite rooms in the house is the large walk-in closet near the master bedroom. In their last home, the family stored some clothing and other seasonal in the basement. Now that they no longer have that option, Solberg uses the walk-in closet to house Christmas linens and things like that.
    “I really like my closet,” Solberg said. “The best part is, as much stuff as we’ve stored, there is still room for more.”
    While the master bedroom is located on the main floor, two large guest bedrooms and a guest bathroom are located upstairs. Although their two sons, Jon and Erik, are out of the house, the upstairs bedrooms feature sentimental possessions from high school and college, like trophies and sports memorabilia, to signify each boy.
    “Even though they are gone, we still have a lot of their stuff because they don’t have room to store it in their current locations,” she said. “We like to keep these rooms ready to go because you never know when the kids will stop by.”
    The house also features a number of large windows to let in natural light. Solberg said they typically don’t have to have many lights on during the day because the natural light is very bright.
    “It’s kind of cool that you can see out into the neighborhood,” Solberg said. “I like having all the houses around me for that sense of security, but this is also just a great neighborhood to be a part of.”
    Solberg said she is looking forward to being a part of the annual house walk.
    “I just hope it helps them raise money for the Woman’s Club scholarship,” she said. “It feels good to be part of something positive in the community.”
    Solbergs’ house can be visited Oct. 11 for the annual House Walk from 2 to 6:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at Caryl & Marilyn’s, Joy’s Hallmark, The Cup and the Scone, County Market, from members of the Pontiac Woman’s Club or by calling 815-844-3676.
    Other stops on the House Walk include Three Roses Bed and Breakfast, Joseph and Carolyn Gerwin’s residence, Dan and Carrie Hobart’s residence and Louise Masching and Phyllis Ryan’s apartments at the Evenglow Lodge.