Why should you care about the fact that Buckheart Township refuses to maintain Brad Street?


Why should you care about the fact that Buckheart Township refuses to maintain Brad Street?  Because this could be you.   Would you sit by silently?

I felt the Democrat article that pointed out the dispute over Brad Street being public or private didn’t fully address the real problem.  There was a disagreement in the beginning about whether it was a public or private street but it was clarified with the deed the landowners gave to the Township at their request.  It is a public roadway as properly dedicated and recorded at the county.  The real question is ….why do they refuse to maintain it?  This should upset you why?  Because they are spending your tax dollars on legal fees to avoid providing this service to the taxpayers on Brad Street for no good reason.

Do you want to talk about getting your panties in a wad?  The article quoted them as telling the Attorney General’s office that “it (Brad St.) was never contemplated to become part of the Buckheart Township road system”.  Hummm, I wonder why they prepared an estimated cost for the initial repair to be provided before maintenance would begin.  I wonder why they had us deed the road to them before maintenance could begin.

Our community needs new developments for the tax revenue.  Nothing about this situation promotes new houses to be built in the subdivision creating new tax dollars.  The land owners on Brad Street pay around $20,000 a year in taxes (correction of Democrat article) and provided everything the Township asked us for only to be declined the services they promised.  

Unlike private roads, we don’t own the land under our street.  We don’t have any rights to do anything to the street.  Now what?

Lisa Thompson