The Illinois State Police District 12 reports a personal injury crash on November 7, 2018 at 6:22 p.m. at IL Hwy 33, one-half mile west of 200th Street in Jasper County.

The accident involved Unit #1, white, 1995 Toyota passenger car, driver Ivan K. Falconer, 29, Dieterich; Unit #2, silver, 2005 Chevrolet pickup truck, driver Zachary P. Raney, 28, Newton and Unit #3, blue, 2012 Chrysler minivan, driver Mariah L. Boldrey, 24, Sainte Marie.

Preliminary Investigation details indicate Unit 1 was traveling west on IL Hwy 33, near Jasper County Road 200th Street, when it veered onto the esatbound lane of IL Hwy 33. At that time, Unit 2 was traveling in the eastbound lane of IL Hwy 33 at that location and was struck by Unit 1 in an angle to side-swipe type collision. Unit 3 was traveling behind Unit 2, on the eastbound lane of IL Hwy 33, and was forced to take evasive action by driving into the ditch on the south side of IL Hwy 33 to avoid striking the other two vehicles involved. Unit 1 came to rest in the roadway, while both Unit 2 and 3 came to rest in the ditch on the south side of IL Hwy 33.

Unit 1 driver, Falconer, was charged with Improper Lane Usage, Reckless Driving, Reckless Conduct, Aggravated Battery, Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid a Crash, and No Insurance.

All three drivers, Falconer, Raney, and Boldrey, were transported by ambulance to HSHS St. Anthony's in Effingham for treatment.