The unattributed article in the 2/28/19 Newton Press titled “Property taxes in Jasper County offer big bang for buck” is very misleading considering the facts of the property tax situation here. The article says that Jasper County has a 1.47% property tax rate but In Newton Illinois you owed 3.59% of your property's cash value in taxes in 2018. The article says that “SmartAsset” used a formula to come up with the 1.47% rating.

Actual property tax data is easy to find. Jasper and adjoining Clark, Clay, Cumberland and Effingham counties all have their tax rate information online, in the 5 county area the highest taxing county is Jasper whose county only rate is over 3 times the lowest county rate, there are 31 municipals in the 5 county area and of those Newton Illinois has the highest rate of them all, over 8 times the lowest city only rate.

On a positive note Wade township fire district has the lowest rate of all fire districts in the 5 county area and Rose Hill has the lowest city or village rate in the 5 counties with Ste Marie a close second to the lowest. The lowest total property tax rate in the 5 county area is unincorporated parts of Effingham County with rates as low as 1.77% (depending on township) of the cash value per year or less than half of what Newton Residents pay.