To Members of the Public of Jasper County

Approximately a year ago I presented a petition signed by community leaders to change the name of the high school football field from Chizevsky Field to Horst Field. The school board has made the decision each monthly meeting, not to vote, even though it has been on the agenda for a vote, yes or no.

We requested the name change to Horst Field based on facts.

When Bob Horst came to Newton to coach our football team was “dead in the water” and our fan base was depleting.

Our win/loss record was dismal for Newton Football

Bob Horst put his program in place, we started winning again, and the fan base came back stronger than ever at home and away. More young high school men wanted to wear the Eagle uniform. Many more young men went out for football than in the history of the High School.

Horst's win/loss record was better than Chizevsky's, despite the conference Horst coached in was much tougher than the conference Chizevsky coached in.

Mr. Chizevsky has no relatives in the area. Bob Horst raised his family in Jasper County, and still resides here today and supports our sports programs.

I WANT TO MAKE ON THING CLEAR: BOB HORST NEVER REQUESTED THE NAME CHANGE. I, with a group of leaders from the community, petitioned the school board to change the name of the football field to Horst Field. When the present school board will not vote on the issue is troubling to us who requested a vote on the issue. I have asked the Board more than once if they they don't like the request then vote NO. if the facts and stats we presented to the School Board are true, then vote YES.

Jib Woods

Newton, IL