Grow your own vegetables/flowers and discover healthy living.

The Perry Street Garden is in its 6th year and is a joint venture between the City of Newton, Jasper County Master Gardeners, and the Jasper County Steering Committee. The garden plots are located on the 300 block Decatur Street. A parking area is available on Perry Street to the east.

Ways to get involved

• Sign up for a single plot or multiple plots

• Plant seeds/plants

• Erect a fence or any structure within your garden area (no plastic, mesh netting allowed)

• Pull weeds and maintain a neat area

• Provide your own tools; water is provided

• Harvest and clean area

What does it cost for the garden plots?

A 15'x15' plot is available to rent for $10. The fee provides you with a tilled plot and access to water provided by the City of Newton. All plants and any equipment you need have to be provided by you. Upon registering and paying the rental fee you will receive a packet of information.

How does the garden work?

You are granted access to the plots as soon as you have paid and received your plot number(s) confirmation. The ground is not ready yet, but, will be plowed and ready to go soon. The plots are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

You may erect a fence or any structure within your garden plot, but it is not required. Thin, plastic, mesh netting will not be allowed. The light netting can be blown out of the garden area.

A trash can is provided at the back of the garden to keep the garden presentable for everyone. The compost area is located on the south side/back of the plot area. Gardeners may use this area to dispose of any disease free plant material they may have. When this plant material decays it can be used as compost. Please place plant material as close to the back of the lot as possible. Diseased plant material can be placed in the provided trash can.

All plots will need to be cleared of all plant and non-plant material and returned to a level state by November 1 as this will enable fall tilling.

If you fail to adhere to the guidelines the following will result:

1. You will receive a warning letter or phone call regarding the area of concern.

2. You will be given two weeks to correct the issue or contact the Master Gardeners.

3. After two weeks have passed your entire plot will be mowed.

Can anyone come and pick vegetables/flowers?

There was some theft of produce last year and it is hoped that the community would realize that the plots are rented and maintained by those renters and that ALL produce is the property of those renters. Please respect their ownership!!

What hours is the garden open?

The preferable hours would be daylight hours, sunrise to sunset, as the garden plots are located in a residential area.

Is the garden organic?

The garden is not designated as organic this year. Please keep in mind that while the use of pesticides is permitted, you need to be mindful of your neighbor's garden plots.

Who are the Master Gardeners?

U of I Master Gardeners will be available to help you with any questions or concerns you have during the season. They are: Martha Yockey 455-3339; Linda Harvey 783-8181 and Lisa Connor 354-1039 or you may contact Kenneth Albrecht 783-2502 or 553-1856