Each year, HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital presents an “I Promise Award” to the four people who are most representative of the hospital’s four Core Values of Respect, Care, Competence and Joy. The I Promise Award winners are selected by the hospital’s Reward and Recognition Team from those named winners of the monthly I Promise Award or the quarterly DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses® or Being Extraordinary Everyday (BEE) Awards over the past year.

The 2019 I Promise Award winners were named during the hospital’s Colleague Recognition Event held in early May during “I Promise Week” (a special St. Anthony’s theme for National Hospital Week).

The 2019 I Promise Award winners were:
Tyler Bloemer, HSHS Home Care and Hospice: Bloemer was nominated for his compassion
and dedication to those he cares for, and one patient in particular who he has been a constant figure throughout hospital stays and treatments. He has gone above and beyond for this family, answering their questions, providing support and communicating with the medical staff that have provided inpatient and outpatient care. Bloemer has educated the family on signs and symptoms, along with training them on providing care. They have come to trust him fully and continue to share their appreciation and praise publicly.

Joyce Boggs, Women and Infants Center: Boggs was nominated for her work as a preceptor/trainer for new nurses. Her nomination was from one of the nurses she trained, who shared, “Each day that passed she would teach me something new. I would go home each night and wonder how I would ever be able to know everything that she did....Joyce would always remind me that every nurse and every doctor had their first day; that the skills they now possessed were not acquired overnight. She helped me slowly gain confidence in myself....New nurses need to be lifted up and supported and I can honestly say that Joyce is the reason I stuck it through those six hard months or orientation and the long first year on my own.”

Jessica Frohning, HSHS Home Care Mother/Baby Program: Frohning received her award for going above and beyond for a family in need. During a mother/baby home visit, she found that the family she was visiting was down to their last three bottles of formula and had no money to purchase more. The family was supposed to have a Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) appointment that day in order to get formula but their public transportation system did not arrive. Frohning rearranged their WIC appointment and paid for a two-way taxi trip with her own money so that the family could make their appointment. She also made several phone calls to different agencies finding ways to help the family.

Clayton Helmink, Medical/Surgical Unit: Helmink was nominated for his uplifting spirit and willingness to help. His nomination read, “Clayton is the sweetest, most kind-hearted certified nursing assistant (CNA). He always has a smile on his face, and is willing to lend a helping hand. He works well as a team. When a call light or bed alarm is going off, he’s heading down the hall immediately. He talks softly to our patients and even explains to the confused patients what he is doing. He treats all patients and staff as if they were family. Anytime staffing is needed, he’s the first one to pick up shifts any time night or day. We are lucky to have Clayton on our team!”

HSHS St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital congratulates these colleagues and thanks them for demonstrating St. Anthony’s Core Values in their work, and living out their “I Promise.”
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