To all of our valued subscribers,

We are not closing our doors in Newton. We have temporarily moved the Newton operation to the Olney Building now that new leadership has taken over our Southern properties we are looking at expanding in the market. We are still going to be focused on putting out a great product for you in the communities we serve. 

Between all of our papers, we average 88 plus pages of newsprint per week. We are making adjustments to get all of our papers out in a timely fashion. We appreciate your patience and continued support as we navigate changes to better serve you. 

We do hope that you have noticed the quality of our papers and that the printing has improved. The print and photos are much sharper than before being printed on a high resolution press. 

The staff at all our papers would like to thank you for your loyal support as we continue to move forward, grow and make your paper better than ever. Rest assured we are not going anywhere in any of the communities we serve. We are going to keep investing in our communities we serve.