Organizers Steve Pigg, Erin Von Kannon, and Mike Von Kannon showed off the spooky and sometimes gory haunts at the Bushnell Haunted House on Friday and Saturday.

BUSHNELL — Bushnell Haunted House has been offering jump scares to visitors since 2005.

While the haunted house seeks to provide entertainment, it also serves as a fundraiser for Bushnell Boy Scout Troop 343. Going door to door to collect donations can be difficult, Erin Von Kannon said, so the haunted house can eliminate the hassle.

Von Kannon and her husband, Mike, help run the haunted house, which is located south of Bushnell at 20320 N. 1700 Rd. Steve Pigg, Erin’s father, owns the farm on the property and also helps organize the haunted house.

The goal is to make more money than they did the previous year, but the family considers it a success when they make enough money so that kids didn’t have to pay for any of the fees associated with joining the boy scouts.

Regardless of the amount raised, Erin said that she enjoys putting together a fun Halloween event for the community.

The family starts planning and assembling the haunted house at the beginning of the school year, but it took extra work this year. They decided to reconstruct certain rooms in order to surprise familiar visitors with new routes.

The haunted house relies heavily on volunteers who enjoy hiding, screaming, and scaring visitors. Inside a trailer on the property, Erin applies makeup to the volunteers, a process that can take up to two hours.

For those concerned about safety, there are cameras in each room of the haunted house. An organizer sits in a control room monitoring the cameras to prevent any dangerous situations.

Admission is $5 per person and the haunted house will continue to operate this weekend.

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