Home ...the rustling of feet that comes in the door, each with an unique tone that says who is coming just by their step. When you can close your eyes and can taste the favorites that were once made, the aroma still lingers though the foggy haze of time. A far away snapshot comes fresh into mind by just the right lyric in a song, of an enchanted moment. It has been kept time stamped , deeply cradled-nestled safe from harm. We can bring it back out and it plays it’s sweet melody. Each note in perfect harmony echoing that captured still picture for us to breathe in the beautiful song once more. A snapped sheet doing laundry suddenly brings back the the years of tucking them in, singing lullaby's and giving kisses softly on their head.

We look at the dusty pictures as we see their cherub faces and time goes back to when we could wipe their tears away, and make all life’s sorrows disappear with a gentle kiss. When we look at them now it is much different, we see that they are standing before us taller, but in our hearts they are still that toddler in tow. As they walk down aisles that greet their future, that mark milestones we rejoice and yet inside shed a tear. Sunday dinners come we now take in each glimmer of happiness a bit more, and listen to every whim and being sure to memorize each face as it lights up with its own demeanor. It is if we want to capture every little sound of laughter, smile and little grin, and keep it wrapped around us for when we can’t see them. Holidays are now held onto with memory lockets on them, we know now they are more precious than gems. It is those cherished family gatherings, that make this place become alive again, ever making it a forever place where love never ends.

Even through trials and life's storms, this sanctuary fortress stands tall, making all who abide here safe, protected from whatever. The bond, the sanctity of it makes it a haven from it all. It is a treasured place where all should want to run to, no matter how old they maybe. For when they walk in that door, the warmth is all they feel for in mama’s eyes, her once upon babies are what she sees. The gift is when that essence is shared heir to heir, giving that legacy to generations for all to share. A roof, walls, and nails can build a dwelling, added tapestries can enhance the decor, but the time and love is where the meaning of life is...and where hope and adoration grows forever more...this place called, “Home, Sweet, Home”.

Thoughts by Countryside bench