Unofficial results from the March 17 Primary showed Jasper County voters going with winners on state races.

On the local level, the lone countywide contested race was between Republican Coroner candidates Jason Meyer and Dr. Scott Bloomberg. Meyer, a longtime incumbent, earned the Republican Coroner nomination with 1,375 votes while Bloomberg, a former Newton City Council member, collected 848 votes. Meyer has no opponent for the November general election so far.

Democratic voters in Jasper County favored Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders in the Illinois presidential primary. Biden picked up 316 votes in this county, while Bernie Sander had 120. Biden won overwhelmingly in Illinois last week. Erika Weaver won in Jasper County in the Democratic primary for the 15th Congressional nomination. Weaver tallied 162 votes among four candidates on the local ballot and came out on top in the 15th district, which covers most of southern Illinois.

Democrat John Spencer was unopposed in the 109th State Representative primary and picked up 413 votes in Jasper County. Democratic incumbent Richard Durbin was again chosen as the party nominee for U.S. Senator from Illinois, and Durbin collected 425 votes in Jasper County.

In County Board District 1, Democrats and current board members Gary Michl and Ron Swick were both nominated as party nominees for the Nov. 3 general election. Michl had 88 votes and Swick 97. Democrat Jason Warfel, also a current board member, was nominated with 166 votes in County Board District 3.

There were no Democrats running in the Primary for Circuit Clerk, State’s Attorney or Coroner. Democrats could file for those offices in coming weeks for placement on the fall election ballot.

On the Republican Primary ballot, President Donald Trump picked up 2,129 votes in Jasper County as he swept the state. His Primary opponent on the Illinois ballot, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, only collected a small percentage of votes across Illinois, including just 54 in Jasper County.

Peggy Hubbard was top pick for Jasper County Republican voters in the U.S. Senate primary with 565 votes, but Mark C. Curran Jr. came out first in the statewide race that included five candidates. Curran placed third in Jasper County with 410 votes.

Republican Mary Miller gained an impressive victory in this county as well as the Republican Congressional primary in the 15th District. She picked up 1,290 votes here, which outpaced the total combined votes for her three opponents. She also did well across the Congressional District, which will have a change in representation with John Shimkus not seeking reelection to Congress.

Darren Bailey also ran away with the 55th State Senate Republican nomination in this county and the district. He gained 1,867 votes in Jasper County, compared to 306 for his opponent Jeff Fleming. Bailey is seeking the State Senator seat and currently serves as State Representative in the 109th District.

Adam M. Niemerg won the Republican nomination to seek the 109th State House seat in November. Niemerg won Jasper County with 1,224 votes against 959 for Andrew Hires.

There was no competition for the remainder of county elected positions on the Republican ballot. Gaining nominations were Jamie L. Blake for Circuit Clerk with 1,983; Chad M. Miller for State’s Attorney, 1,984 votes; Michael Geier for County Board District 1,558 votes; Michael S. Hall, County Board District 2, 616; Arthus Pickens Jr., County Board District 2,659; and Marion D. Weddell, County Board District 3, 570.

Voters from both parties elected precinct committee members to help lead Jasper County party organizations. These candidates were elected directly to their positions.

Results for the Democrats in precincts included: Ronnie G. Diel, Grove Precinct, 24 votes; Robert Alexander, Hunt City, 14 votes; Ami L. Smithenry, Smallwood, 22; Angela J. Fehrenbacher, South Muddy, 29; Norbert E. Ochs, Ste. Marie 1, 15; Donald E. Kraus, Ste. Marie 2, 9; Kent A. Beavers, Wade 2, 60; Paul D. Woods, Wade 4, 40; and Daniel J. Miller, Wade 5, 70.

Republicans elected to precinct positions included: Verna Mae Semple, Fox Precinct, 96; Karl Spencer, Grandville, 67; Eric Spker, Grove, 114; Adam Deckard, Hunt City, 60; Judith A. Burnell, North Muddy, 228; James E. Wagner, Smallwood, 90; William W. Diel, South Muddy, 77; Clinton Bigard, Wade 1, 174; Deborah L. Urfer, Wade 2, 215; and Greg McCoy, Willow Hill, 88.

The total turnout for the 2020 Primary was 40.58 percent in Jasper County with 2,794 ballots cast. There were 6,885 registered voters eligible for the March 17 election.