It is being stated that there will be some changes to Illinois's Stay-at-home order but that it will continue on past the end of the month. It is also being stated that there will be a second episode of Covid-19 this coming fall and winter.

Realizing this possibility and accepting it is not easy for any of us. It is a necessity for each if us to plan productive ways for ourselves and our family members to use during these tough times.

Here are a few ways you might consider:

• take an online class

• write short stories based on your experiences growing up

• develope your family tree

• learn to draw or paint

• learn to knit, embroidery or crochet

• send cards or letters to military, first responders, family members and the elderly

• call your Grandchildren and read them stories

• create audiobooks for Amazon

• do upkeep to your homes, clean, paint, repair

• make bird houses

• feed birds and squirrels

• enjoy some good books

• make ornaments for next years tree

• plant a garden

• try new recipes

The lists could go on and on...

Use your time wisely!