Medical researchers have discovered a very important link between Vitamin D and higher risks for COVID-19 complications.

Northwestern Medical Researcher Dr. Vadim Backman studied COVID-19 cases around the world and found that Vitamin D deficiency correlated with higher rates of complications from COVID-19 and a higher rate of mortality.

“More than 50 percent of the elderly are Vitamin D deficient … So, if we are talking about helping vulnerable groups, this would be one aspect I think would make sense to fix.” Backman said.

Researchers have known about the importance of Vitamin D, particularly derived from sun exposure, for hundreds of years. For this reason, many medical doctors are scratching their heads as government leaders order healthy people to stay locked down inside of their homes for “health and safety.”

A study on Vitamin D and the Immune System by Cynthia Aranow, MD, is on file with the National Institutes of Health. The study provides:

“Vitamin D has been used (unknowingly) to treat infections such as tuberculosis before the advent of effective antibiotics. Tuberculosis patients were sent to sanatoriums where treatment included exposure to sunlight which was thought to directly kill the tuberculosis.”

Another expert, Dr. David Friedman, is the best-selling author of Food Sanity, how to eat in a world of fads and fiction. He is also a Doctor of Naturopathy, Clinical Nutritionist, and Chiropractic Neurologist. He received a post-doctorate certification from Harvard Medical School, is a Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner, Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and a registered Naturopathic Diplomate.

Friedman holds that the best defense against viral infections is to get ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun and to breathe fresh spring air.

The World Health Organization’s published data on SARS coronavirus provides that “heat kills the SARS coronavirus in 15 minutes.”

Dr. Friedman explains that the SARS coronavirus shares 90 percent of its DNA with the current coronavirus which is linked to COVID-19.

Experts say that they still do not know enough about the novel coronavirus to determine if its cellular structure will also be destroyed when exposed to heat. However, there are hundreds of years of evidence which show that sunshine and Vitamin D are essential to human health.

The National Institutes of Health provide that the amount of vitamin D needed each day depends on an individual’s age.

Average daily recommended amounts are listed below:

Life StageRecommended Amount

Birth to 12 months10 mcg (400 IU)

Children 1–13 years15 mcg (600 IU)

Teens 14–18 years15 mcg (600 IU)

Adults 19–70 years15 mcg (600 IU)

Adults 71 years and older20 mcg (800 IU)

Pregnant and breastfeeding women15 mcg (600 IU)

Vitamin D can be derived from food sources, supplements, and the sun. However, experts say precaution should be taken to avoid unhealthy overexposure to sunlight and to ensure appropriate intake levels of vitamins through food and supplements.

As with any illness, it is still advised for sick persons to distance themselves from other people to reduce risk of spreading infection.

Disclaimer: This author is not a medical doctor. All statements provided in this article are the opinions of the experts cited, and not necessarily the opinions of this author nor this publication. This article does not offer specific medical advice to any person. Individuals should consult their trusted health and wellness experts for individualized guidance.