Politics, COVID-19, and protests aside, there is a deeper layer to our situation.

When people feel divided against each other, they experience a significant amount of stress. Just think about how your mind and body feel when you are angry or in a state of judgment.

Now consider how often – over the past three months – you have felt angry or in a state of judgment.

Consider whether that elevated stress is harming or helping you, your family, and your community.

Division, anger, and judgment cause incoherence. Incoherence means that our minds, emotions, and bodies are not cooperating with one another.

For example, you see a news headline that sends you immediately into a judgmental thought process:

“Those darn democrats are doing it again…”

“Those darn republicans care only about money…”

“I am sick of racism in America….”

“I am not racist, so why do I have to talk about racism?”

These thought processes require a lot of energy. They make us feel divided against other people. They often induce a feeling of anger. All of this is happening at the level of the mind. Meanwhile, our deeper emotions are being ignored.

For example, when you see a news headline and immediately go into judgment and anger, you may rarely stop to ask:

“Why am I judging this?”

“What personal fear does this headline exacerbate for me?”

“Do I feel safe or unsafe in the world?”

“Do I feel irrelevant in an ever changing world that does not seem to care about my personal needs?”

Personal fears are at the root of our every anger and frustration. When these fears are unacknowledged and then paired with stressful thought processes, this wreaks havoc on our bodies.

This havoc includes increased blood pressure, irregular breathing and heart rate, poor eating and movement patterns, inflammation, suppressed immune systems, and illness.

Incoherence is a state of overthinking, emotional stagnation due to unacknowledged fears and unprocessed emotions, and physical imbalance resulting from unstable mental and emotional states.

Incoherence means that the mind, emotions, and bodies are not cooperating with one another. These three aspects of our being are not on the same page because the mind causes us to ignore our emotions and bodies.

Coherence is a state of cooperation between the mind, emotions, and body. It can be achieved more easily than one might imagine.

Here are some tips:

1.Be intentional about how you begin your day. Instead of turning on the news or social media in the morning, reserve the mornings as a time to tap into what is occurring within your mind, emotions, and body.

2.When you wake up, begin to notice the types of thoughts running through your mind. Notice if they are stress-inducing thoughts.

3.Notice how your body feels as you think the stress-inducing thoughts. (Usually stress-inducing thoughts are angry, judgmental, or worrisome).

4.Now, go a step deeper. As yourself, “What is my fear in this moment?”

5.Name the fear. Give it a voice. Write about it, or speak about it with someone you love. Cry if you need to cry. It takes so much energy to hold emotions inside of us, and this causes physical imbalances. To achieve coherence, we have got to acknowledge our emotions and allow them to flow through us. Afterwards, you will feel relief throughout your being, all the way into your muscles and organs.

6.Now that you have allowed yourself to process some emotion, it is time to fill yourself up with something nourishing.

7.You can nourish yourself by placing your bare feet on the ground and feeling gratitude for all of the blessings in your life.

8.You can nourish yourself by going for a walk and attuning your senses to the sounds and smells of nature.

9.You can nourish yourself by turning on your favorite uplifting music and swaying your body from side to side.

10.You can nourish yourself by eating a healthy, fresh, organic meal.

11.Fill yourself up with love and gratitude after processing and releasing emotion.

Because we are human, more stress will come. But you now have this exercise to assist you in shifting yourself from a state of incoherence to coherence.

In the next Feel Better Now article, we will discuss how individual coherence can change the world through group coherence.