Anyone over the age of 40 undoubtedly remembers the 1990 tornado that struck Newton and parts of Jasper County.

The Newton Press Mentor wants to hear your memories and see some of your photographs from that fateful Saturday 30 years ago. (Sorry, we cannot use your videos.)

Stories about the time the twister struck in Jasper County are requested. But memories of the recovery would be welcomed as well. In many ways, there was tragedy and triumph that June. And the best way to convey the community’s story is to hear from people who experienced it.

You can email your memories and digital copies of photographs to in coming days. If you’re wondering who Meeker is, well he covered the tornado and some of its aftermath 30 years ago when he worked with the Robinson newspaper. He might share some of his memories, too, in this newspaper. He is also the reporter and photographer for the Newton Press Mentor.

Include a name in your message with a phone number so we can double check on some details to ensure accuracy. The same is true with any photos if we need them sent over in a different format.