There will be fall sports in Jasper County Community Unit 1 though the list of sports has been cut back due to coronavirus.

Newton Community High School athletes can compete in golf, tennis for girls and cross country. Teams schedules are still being worked out due to the decision by the Illinois High School Association being announced only two weeks ago.

High risk of COVID-19 infection forced rescheduling football, soccer and volleyball to the spring semester of 2021. Physical contact from those sports (volleyball players do come face-to-face over the net during competitive volleys) made those sports too risky for play now with the virus still spreading in Illinois and across the country.

Junior High competition will be offered with fall softball and baseball as well as cross country. IHSA is still working on a decision on fall basketball for junior high girls.

Of course, there will be safety precautions followed for the fall-eligible sports. For example, the starting procedures for cross country will reconsidered since runners have traditionally massed together at the starting line before a race. Protocols for dugouts and sidelines will be determined to ensure safety.

More information on how those measures will affect players, coaches, officials and spectators will be reviewed later.