Part 1 of a 3-part series
“Compassion is the glue that holds us all together in the ether of the universe.”
This was a discovery made by world renowned scientist and consciousness author Gregg Braden. Last year, I connected with Braden and his heart-based brainy cohorts at a conference in Colorado. My mind was blown as I learned about the science of compassion, and the quantifiable impact of emotional blockages on the human body, and among the human race.
For our own freedom, we must talk about these things – emotions and blockages … compassion. Silence and stigma are killers.
Deadly thoughts and inclinations exist in the dark corners of the mind.
Ignorant, the obscure contents of these dark corners keep the world’s chaos spinning round.
Ashamed, individuals fall deeper into personal suffering, believing a fatal lie: “I am alone in my pain. My suffering is unspeakable. There is no way out.”
For ourselves, for our families, for all mankind, we must shine the light of awareness and choice into those dark corners. We must expose the monsters in our minds, and the stories we subconsciously live that keep our emotional hells intact.
These emotional hells are projected into the world, in our conversations, in our behaviors, in our judgments, and in the ways we withhold love from fellow humans who are just trying to do the best they can to cope with their own elusive hell.
It’s funny how something that governs our every move can hide so well. But that’s what The Ripple is here to do: strip away the facades, quit pretending we are different than the next person, have courageous conversations that we were once too ashamed to have. The time is now!
This path of truth is not discriminatory. Jesus taught about it, as did many other spiritual masters throughout the history of humanity. But you need not identify with any religion or deity to choose the path of truth and compassion, for truth and compassion are not definitions, nor identities.
Truth and compassion are what we become by moving away from ignorance and out of shame. Through this process, we clear the thoughts and emotions that block us from FEELING our connection to all things, and thereby BECOMING forgiveness and compassion for all.
You cannot think or do your way to the path of truth of compassion. There’s no thinking or doing about it. The only way to truly BECOME this path is to face your inner world, and harmonize it, through a deep healing process.
Every single human being is in need of this deep healing. No one is immune, regardless of how happy or sad you may believe you are. Everyone, EVERYONE, carries thoughts and emotions which block the our capacity for compassion.
My teacher says, “Do not concern yourself with the darkness in the world. Banish first the darkness in you.”
Simply, this is the path. If each person reading this labored only to banish the darkness within themselves, then imagine how the world would change.
The challenge is that ignorance, drama, and confusion are the mind’s best friends. We rationalize, using definitions programmed into us by the world, and this overrides our ability to feel emotions deeply enough to release them.
In fact, our minds usually keep us attached to and trapped within emotions by narrating stories which justify and intensify the emotions. Most of these emotions contain some form of judgment which creates a feeling of separation between us and fellow humans.
This is the illusory world playing out with human psychology. This is how our gnost, or direct experience of truth, is blocked.
The next Ripple will explore the dark corners of the human mind. While we may feel very different from other people, you will discover just how alike we all are by what we hide in those corners.
From there, we will explore how bringing the light of awareness and choice to the darkness can change everything.