First annual Little Tiger Track and Field Meet

OLNEY - The First Annual Little Tiger Track & Field Meet, hosted by the Tiger and Lady Tiger Track teams, took place at RCHS this past Saturday.  The meet was for all Richland County elementary schoolers, grades K-5.  The events included:  the 50 M dash, a distance race, hurdles, broad jump, and softball throw.
The winners for each grade are as follows:
50M dash- Grayson Sterchi
Distance- Ryden Cleveland
Hurdles- Grayson Sterchi
Broad jump- Grayson Sterchi
Softball throw- Grayson Sterchi
1st Grade
50M dash- Mattey Sanders
Distance-Tiger Ortiz
Hurdles- Tessa Mitchell
Broad jump- Mattey Sanders & Bradyn Ebeling
Softball throw- Mattey Sanders
2nd Grade
50M dash- Jaylan Mitchell
Distance- Jaylan Mitchell
Hurdles- Jaylan Mitchell
Broad jump- Jaylan Mitchell
Softball throw- Jaylan Mitchell
3rd Grade
50M dash- Colt Hout
Distance- Carsyn Ameter
Hurdles- Carsyn Ameter
Broad jump- Colt Hout
Softball throw- Colt Hout
4th Grade
50M dash- Mackenzi Thomas
Distance- Mackenzi Thomas
Hurdles- Hazel Baker
Broad jump- Tommy Ortiz
Softball throw- Roland Krause
5th Grade
50M dash- Kaden Sanders
Distance- Kacy Sager
Hurdles- Kaden Sanders
Broad jump- Jacob Slichenmyer
Softball throw- Kacy Sager
The participants completed 5 track and field events, listened to Dietician Shelly Evans from Carle RMH about eating healthy, and discussed sportsmanship with Olney Tiger coaches and athletes.  The event concluded with a mile fun walk for all participants and their family members.
A special thank you to our sponsors:  RMH, Ginger Ale's, Blank's Insurance, King's Furniture, and IGA.