Improvement was the key contributor to the Charleston Tournament for the Olney Lady Tigers. A struggle over the first part of the season for Olney as the team tried to find their rotations and identity, resulting in some tough early season matches. “We have improved since our last tourney in our hitting/kill percentage and our dig percentage,” Olney head coach Emily Rusk said of the Lady Tigers improvement on the court.  “Things aren’t going to happen overnight, but over time.  We know the things we need to work on and we are.  We are slowly seeing the improvements, even when we lose.” That was shown with the way they Lady Tigers played at Charleston in the tournament on Saturday. In the tournament, the Lady Tigers wre able to grind out two wins while dropping three close battles. Despite the two of wins, the Lady Tigers were looking for more on the day. “This weekend was a tough loss adn we have to learn from it,” Rusk said.  “In three different games we were the first to 24 points but couldn’t close the deal.  We are working hard this week focusing on winnin ght epoint when it matters the most.” Olney lost a close two set match to the host Charleston Lady Trojans. The Lady Trojans downed the Lady Tigers in the first set 25-16 forcing Olney to try and battle from behind. The Lady Tigers would, and be on the brink of winning the set before a late surge from Charleston put Olney away 26-24. Argenta would then stand in the way of the Lady Tigers, and Olney was ready to put together a winning effort. It was by no means easy, as the match went a full three sets. Olney picked up the win in the first set against Argenta with a 25-22 win. Argenta would respond with 25-19 win to force a third and final set. The first to 15 points, in tournament play, would decide the game. Olney would close the game out with a solid third set picking up the 15-7 set, and game win. The Lady Tigers would have a little easier time in their third match when they downed Hutsonville in straight sets. Olney claimed set number one 25-17, the biggest win to date for the Lady Tigers. In the second set, Olney continued to play well and blitzed Hutsonville to a 25-14 victory. The Lady Tigers put together back-to-back wins on the ay and would go up against a tough Urbana team. Olney again fell to the late game blues as the Lady Tigers fell in set number one 27-25 despite a valiant effort. In the second set, Olney bounced back to a 25-19 win to force the winner-take-all third set. Urbana would defeat the Lady Tigers 15-9 to pick up the win over Olney two sets to one. Olney would pair up with Argenta for the second time in the tournament following the Lady Tiger close three set victory early in the day. Argenta would pick the first set victory up defeating Olney 26-24. The Lady Tigers tried to battle back, but would fall short 25-21 and drop the rematch against Argenta. Olney did improve throughout the day, even though it did not show in the win column. “These girls do work hard at every practice and give their all in every game,” head coach Emily Rusk said.  “We will continue to workout our kinks and push forward. We have several girls working hard to improve over the season and it is showing.” The Lady Tigers continue to play better with every game and will look to build off the positives and correct the mistakes as they get set for a tough matchup on Thursday and throughout the rest of the regular season. ALL-TOURNAMENT Olney junior Madison Mowrer was named to the All-Tournament Team for her performance on the day. Mowrer collected 26 kills, seven blocks, three digs, and one assist on the day for the Lady Tigers. TOURNAMENT STATS Points: Colleen Inyart - 23, Emi Rose - 23, Raegan Hires - 22, Paige Troyer - 21, Jessica Clark - 18, Allison Harness - 13, Madelyn Rusk - 3, Taylor Ferguson - 3. Aces: Paige Troyer - 4, Colleen Inyart - 4, Allison Harness - 3, Jessica Clark - 2, Raegan Hires - 2, Taylor Ferguson - 1, Emi Rose - 1. Kills: Brittany Black - 30, Madison Mowrer - 26, Colleen Inyart - 6, Logan Shan - 16, Colleen Inyart - 13, Taylor Ferguson - 5, Jalayna Reynolds - 4, Madelyn Rusk - 3, Emi Rose - 1, Raegan Hires - 1. Blocks: Brittany Black - 7, Madison Mowrer - 7, Colleen Inyart - 6, Logan Shan - 4, Taylor Ferguson - 3, Jalayna Reynolds - 2. Assists: Raegan Hires - 63, Allison Harness - 48, Brittany Black - 2, Colleen Inyart - 2, Paige Troyer - 2, Madison Mowrer - 1, Madelyn Rusk - 1. Digs: Emi Rose - 77, Paige Troyer - 34, Colleen Inyart - 18, Allison Harness - 16, Madelyn Rusk - 14, Jessica Clark - 10, Raegan Hires - 9, Taylor Ferguson - 8, Logan Shan - 7, Brittany Black - 5, Jalayna Reynolds - 5, Madison Mowrer - 3. UP NEXT The Olney Lady Tigers will make a trip to Albion to face off against traditional volleyball powerhouse Edwards County. The Lady Tigers and Lady Lions will face off on Thursday, September 20th with junior varsity action scheduled to begin at 6:15 pm.